Monday, March 22, 2021

Excuses, Excuses

You and I tend to shift responsibility when we make bad choices.  When it comes to the choice to create a mask and reside in the false self we do the same.  It is an impulse that must be avoided.  It is another act of deception that leads you further from the truth about the beauty of you!  When speaking of this Merton states, “It is the fault of the person who consents to the illusion, who finds security in self-deception…”  To be clear, if you are avoiding something it is probably difficult and unpleasant   You do not create illusions about things that are easy.  When you face the possibility of being rejected it is easy to attempt to become something that you are not.

Merton continues his quote.  He says that we are not willing to, “answer the secret voice of God calling him to take the risk of faith outside the protective limits of his five senses.”  The choice is clear, to live a life of illusions or to risk the exposure of faith.  The risk of rejection is real.  Some people may judge you and have expectations that you may never meet.  But the drastic choice to move to a life that is not real will cripple you!  You will have an imaginary life with little or no growth.  It is a choice to defer growth.  The issues that might drive change have been effectively neutralized.  The masks that you establish will deter any self-reflection, self-knowledge or self-awareness.  

It is a courageous choice to listen to that voice that will lead you to risk it all.  It a call to trust your creator fully and let Him show you who you are.  It is a choice to be real, authentic and true.  It is a choice to reject deception and illusion.  It is a choice to live rather than simply survive.  It is a choice to embrace life and experience fulfillment.  It is a choice to fully enter into a union with God.  It is a choice to invest it all into a love affair with your creator that gave his life for you.  It is a choice!

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