Monday, August 30, 2021

Moments of Truth

When you think about the process of revealed truth from the father regarding your identity it is easy to romanticize the process.  You imagine some soft whisper from the father in a state of contemplation.  While this may for some on occasion it is just as likely to occur in a moment of struggle and chaos.  It is often in a moment failure and is very messy.  While the outcome may be stellar the process is not pleasant.  Uncovering your masks and the deception in your life is not something that you look forward to.  The reality is that you do have areas of need and they will show up when you least expect it.  There never is a great time to look your issues in the face.  

When you see yourself honestly you will often grieve at the realization of the sin and struggle.  The impact of your selfishness and sin will naturally bring repentance.  You will not excuse your behavior.  You will recognize it for what it is.  You will see your lack of trust and assertions of independence in a new perspective and begin to submit and trust.  Humility becomes more and more natural because you gain an accurate picture of yourself.  Repentance becomes a way of life instead of an intrusion.

God is able to infuse his power into your life and use you in new ways.  Your capability will become greater and greater as he does things through you.  You can become a channel of his power and grace.  But the journey begins with submitting to the process and experiencing the discomfort and tears of these uncomfortable moments of truth.  Even when they are difficult they will spur you to grow in your journey.  Even when the truth does not float down like a feather as you make your is not a stranger to you if you are open to truth.  The nature of the journey is one of connecting to the source and allowing Him to lead you on a journey of transformation and truth. 

If you walk in humility these moments will be easier.  You will learn to kneel at the feet of the truth giver and submit to the adjustments that are required.  He will lead you to the things that are the obstacles to what he is doing in the moment.  He knows what you need and will put them in a sequence that matches your needs at that moment.  This will be a lifetime process.  It will flow naturally through your relationship with your creator.  Pray that He will show you who you really are and accept His truth.  He will be faithful.

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