Monday, August 16, 2021

Shedding your Demons

The price of living in the true self and enjoying an authentic life is also a choice to face your demons.  The word demon is a great description of my subject.  In this context, demons are areas of your that are damaged and that you refuse to resolve.  You build walls and choose to avoid them.  They form areas of your life that are off-limits to God and everyone else.  They create areas of pretense that lead to living in the false self.  They set up an obstacle to any effort to becoming the person that your creator created you to be.  They are demons in the sense that they are used as a tool of the Devil himself in his effort to derail your quest to embrace your true self and to become the unique, beautiful, and gifted person that you were created to be.  After they sinned Adam and Eve could not face their Creator (Genesis 3:8).  Their response was to hide.  They could not face what they had done and who they had become.  They were afraid and were ashamed for the first time.  This shame is not unlike your failure to deal with your own damage.  You would rather hide than face whatever you are avoiding.  This leads to a life of avoidance that is toxic and false.  It kills life and creates continual pretense.

So what is the solution?  It begins with recognizing these areas as you encounter them in your journey.  They will be sensitive areas that resist exposure.  Like a splinter in your finger, they will need to be dealt with but painful to approach.  While the end result is healthier, they will cause pain or discomfort because of their very nature.  Your pattern of avoidance may have ended, but the issues are still difficult.  When you choose to move forward to heal regardless of the struggle you reclaim ground that the devil has had in your life.  You can begin to recover parts of your life that have been hiding behind a protective wall. 

This choice is courageous.  It is choosing life rather than death.  It is a choice of health over illness.  It is a choice of cleansing over infection.  It is finally a choice of freedom over bondage.  It is the removal of an obstacle to living with no hiding or masks.  There will always be the temptation to retreat behind them again.  Sin is an addiction that doesn’t let go easily.  I urge you to be courageous and pay attention in your journey.  If you pay attention and stay Spirit aware He will lead you to all truth and show you the places that need the exposure of the Son to be cleansed.  You will experience greater and greater freedom.  Your effort to remain mask-free will get easier as you uncover the layers of deception that you have created.  Your spirit will become lighter and grow to experience freedom at a new level.  This begins with trusting Him enough with your hidden parts to let Him do His work in you.  

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