Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Sanctified Self Awareness

 Sanctified Self Awareness

 Throughout my blogs, you will find me encouraging you to find your true self through your connection to the Father.  I believe that is still true, but I am not minimizing the value of self-awareness.  While I believe that man is flawed and any self-perception can be skewed this does not take away the importance of paying attention to the things that you can learn from introspection.  I found a clear statement from the unknown Mystic who wrote “The Cloud of Unknowing”.  He admonishes that even if he had the intercession of the saints, angels, and both clergy and fellow members of the congregation it would not equal to even a “little self-knowledge”.  He further believed that when you acquired that self-knowledge “you will very soon come to an experiential knowledge of God’s goodness and love”.  This is a reward beyond measure. 

It is not hard to imagine the process that allows this to occur.  The more you see yourself clearly, the more you will be forced to admit your need for Him.  It will force you onto your knees in confession and to request his “grace and help in time of need”.  It begins with your permission to allow him to speak into your life.  The consent of your will to open up to Him and the faith to accept His words and to act on them is imperative.  No intercession can accomplish this.  It is not that there is no value to intercession, rather it is that the decision always reverts to you.  He does not force Himself.  You can live a deluded life in the false self if you choose to.  No one else can force you to live in reality and to embrace the moments of blatant revelation that interrupt you when you begin to pretend. 

I encourage you to be vigilant and aware for these moments that occur.  Pay attention to the moments of reality that crash your trip into the Land of Make-Believe.  God is faithful to bring clarity and to call your bluff.  He will show up if you leave room for His presence.  Take courage and allow Him to speak into you.  He wants to more than anything …

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