Thursday, August 4, 2022

Creativity and the True Self

 Creativity and the True Self

One of the impacts of living to please others and to live with a mask is to limit creativity.  The true self creates a safe place for true creativity and free expression.  It flows from your center and  allows you to tap into genuine creative energy.  The creation of the world illustrates the virtue of creativity that flows from God.  In becoming more like our father in heaven we gain this creative edge that surpasses normal human creativity.  

When you review the creation you find a God who made elephants, octopuses, zebras, sloths and  skunks obviously had a creative intellect. From venus flytraps to saguaro cacti He outdid himself in his creative efforts.  I lived in Arizona for a brief time.  I was there long enough to experience the surprises of the desert.  The life that existed in what I thought was a barren land.  The beautiful flowers that were on the cacti that brightened the desert amazed me.  

The false self is always concerned with response of others.  It may censor you in ways that limit what you create.  It may twist your creative effort from the God given inspiration that flows as a child of God.  The freedom of the creative process in the mind of the believer is an asset that many do not recognize.  The art, writing, and ideas that flow from a sanctified mind is only limited by the level of connection to the ultimate creator.  The inspiration flows from that union surpasses any other source. 

Another reality in the creative process is the quest for originality.  Every artist and creative wants to make a unique mark.  They want to stand out among their peers.  You cannot be original while living life by comparison.  Only the true self is capable of true originality.  It is really a collaboration with the eternal.  It flows from the union of us with the father as we walk with our true face.  

I have known lots of successful creative people in my career.  I have talked to them about their creative process.  Everyone of them is aware of some external thing that occurs in that exchange.  They do not claim to be in control of that spark of inspiration.  After a lifetime of experience it is still a mystery exactly what happens.  They cannot explain it.  God enters the picture here.  He sanctifies the creative process.  It surpasses the natural ability to be creative.  It is important to realize that when God enters the process it is transformed.  In a small way I have experienced this in sermon writing.  There are sermons that seem to flow and you are only a conduit.  They surpass any human process.  There is an external source of every word.  

If you want to experience your greatest creativity connect to the divine creator.  He will transform your process.  That is only the beginning of your 

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