Key Principles

Basic Principles

1.       As one of God's children, made in His image,  you are an intentional, purposeful, and designed, by a loving, transcendent Father.  The principle of haecceity holds that you are unequivocally, irreducibly, and indivisible unique.



2.       Satan has robbed you of this reality and deceived you into hiding, creating illusions and wearing masks .  This has alienated you from yourself and from Him. This is a choice to accept or reject God’s offer to life..



3.       The false selves or masks that you have created to meet the perceived expectations of your circle of influence are not real and only stop you from becoming the unique individual that you were created to be.

A false self can be very a comfortable place to hide from reality.


4.       It is the risk of faith to trust God and to choose to live without hiding behind masks.  This is the essence of saving faith to allow God to help us become who he made us to be.



5.       When you are walking in your authentic, true self in submission and obedience to your Creator that is holy living.


6.       Your hope begins when you repent of your rejection of his design and begin your journey into deeper and deeper union with your creator, then you will find joy and harmony in restoration.  You must reject a false self and turn to the truth in Jesus Christ to begin the journey to our authentic self.

You are created for that fellowship and relationship with God, man and creation.

God never stops loving us, but the connection is broken between us.


7.       The only way of restoration is found in accepting the invitation and empowerment of the creator and entering into relationship with Him and to return to ourselves.  Your identity and return to reality is not based on self-awareness.  You cannot find this in your own wisdom or will-power.


Restoration is a process of renewal and re-emergence.

Breaking the alienation to enter relationship can feel threatening.

There is such a thing as sanctified.


8.       Your journey of discovery is not a journey to take alone.  You will need a community to reflect reality back to you and they need you to reflect reality back to them.. 

Safe place to be in that process of transformation

9.     There is no 5 step formula to the journey.  It is lived day by day, decision by decision and in union           with your creator.

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