Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Hard Choices

You and I make choices everyday that lead to the False self or the EGO or affirm your journey toward the divine, unique individual that you were created to be.  William Shannon speaks of it this way, "the seed of God straining to burst the shell of superficial self and activate our capacity for the divine."  This echoes Jesus when he stated that a seed must "fall to the ground and die" and if it did it "would "bear much fruit" (John 12:24).  You cannot activate the transcendent, eternal part of yourself.  You must have the help of your creator to return to his idea of you.  The touch of the divine opens the door to self awareness and strength to face whatever issues that produce your urge to put on a mask.  It is that union with Him that allows you to start your journey back to your true self.  It is His strength that makes it possible through His love to experience the great fulfilment of self discovery and authenticity.

The first choice is to die to your own ego and ego driven desires.  They will lead you to deception and pretense.  But after that there are many choices ahead.  Everyday you will either self deception or self discovery.  Your will aided by the power of the Holy Spirit and will gain new eyes to see your interior and reality.  You will experience the joy he feels when he looks at you.  That is the power of your choice.  The previous paragraph promises that you "will bear much fruit" or it will "activate your capacity for the divine."  

So the choice(s) is yours.  Are you willing to submit your ego to Him and let Him guide you to all truth?  Or are you going to arrogantly grasp at your self deception as truth?  The choice seems easy, but factor in your fear and your desire for self protection and it gets complicated.  Let me assure you that the choice is worth the cost.  You have an intimate relationship with God, more life satisfaction, and heaven to gain.  What do you really have to lose?

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